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Family owned Filbert's Old Time Root Beer has been producing Chicagoland's favorite beverages since 1926.

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Delivering bottles of milk to the locals via horse and carriage are George Filbert and young son Charlie. George was known to deliver ice, coal and even provide general moving and transportation services. During the height of Prohibition in 1926, the Filbert family business started brewing draught root beer. Filbert’s remains regionally famous for its root beer and flavored pop today. 

Filbert's was located at 3033 S Archer in Chicago. Two generations later Ronald Filbert Jr purchased Newport Beverages in 1993 and started bottling his own flavors at 3430 S Ashland Ave.

Filbert's currently bottles 31 different flavors of soda, all in small batches to ensure the quality of our products. Our root beer andGinger Beer are top notch flavors, made with pure cane sugar and natural ingredients.

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